“TEAMWORK:Alone we can do so little. together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

Meet the Trident Team

You can find the spirit of Trident exemplified in each and every employee. They are driven, excited, and committed to providing the best experience for our customers. We pride ourselves in identifying budding leaders and nourishing their potential.

From our PresidentI Take leading this company seriously and understand it comes with a high level of responsibility. I take pride in what we accomplish on a daily basis and look optimistically forward.

Brandon Evans

President Brandon@tridentco.net

Aaron VonFeldt

Vice President/Fire Project Manager Aaron@tridentco.net

Dave Muniz

Burglary Project Manager Dave@tridentco.net

Matthew Smith

Project Engineer/Bids Matthew@tridentco.net

Sara Jacobi

Human Resources/ Customer Relations Sara@tridentco.net

Roxie Eicher

Accountant Roxie@tridentco.net

Jeremy Jacobi

Operational Manager JeremyJ@tridentco.net

Robert Wilson

Fire Alarm Inspector Robert@tridentco.net

Travis Cottrell

Lead Fire Alarm Technician Travis@tridentco.net

Shaunn Roark

Lead Fire Alarm Technician Shaunn@tridentco.net

Nick Westfall

Engineering Sales Nick@tridentco.net

Jerry Neuenkirk

Senior Intrusion Specialist Jerry@tridentco.net

Darrin Sais

Fire Alarm Technician Darrin@tridentco.net

Karlo Rivera

Low Voltage Technician Karlo@tridentco.net

Sheri Mast

Customer Account Specialist Sheri@tridentco.net


Service Coordinator Casandra@tridentco.net

Jason Gajewski

Fire Alarm Technician Jason@tridentco.net

Ricahrd Wolf

Security Technician Richard@tridentco.net